How heavy is your bag?-Decluttering our being.

You know the running joke — a woman’s bag is a never ending pit of the random things she has accumulated, but didn’t get around to emptying out? Well.. I like to think of our beings {mind, body and spirit} as a bag we store and give out from. And just like a woman’s bag, regardless of your gender identity, your being accumulates a lot of things over days, weeks, months — some random, some intentional. Problem is, if you never sort through your bag to inspect these things and discard what isn’t needed, you end up walking around loaded and weighed down. Sometimes with amazing things that people need and you need. But, you could also be walking around with some out of date, expired, stinking shit that no one wants to be in the presence of. Take a load off..

Sorting through your bag 101

I have realised two things about humans and what makes up most of our existence. One is our our reluctance to honestly self reflect and the other is how hard we find it to release. Working endless hours to survive in a capitalist society, spending our free time with loved ones or using alone time to immerse ourselves in our favourite forms of entertainment. All of these actions keep adding and adding and adding things to our bags. Whether it’s an opinion, a passing comment, something achieved, something bought, anticipations for the future; these all need sorting through every now and then, to make sure we only hold on to what is needed for the next part of our journey.

Physical emptying

Are you a sentimental and nostalgic person who holds on to gifts from decades ago? Do you like to keep “receipts” in that screenshot folder on your phone? Numbers of ex friends and partners saved as “Do not answer”? If any of this sounds familiar, then you are someone who might need some physical emptying of your bag.

The physical things we can see that we hold on to, affect our beings daily. Why do you still have contact numbers for people that trigger an undesirable emotion in you? Now your whole day is ruined because “Do not answer” called, and you answered. Your social media is littered with opinions and images of people you claim not to like or people that tingle your spirit in troublesome ways. Purchasing clothes you plan on wearing when your body is the “right shape”- are those clothes a motivation or a visual representation of the body you aim to attain but don’t have? It’s time to empty it all out.

The frequency you choose to empty your physical space and create room for your being to exist in harmoniously, is subjective. Time spent monthly deep cleaning your home will have you sitting with items and realising how they make you feel. Does that gift make you feel loved and uplifted? Or does it make you feel guilty, abandoned and isolated. With every item, every phone number, social media following, people you have met, sit with yourself and assess the space they hold in your being. Are those the content you need to be carrying around in your bag the next month of your life? Unfollow or block that person, give that gift away or throw it away, delete those numbers from your phone. Empty out your image gallery (you will make new memories worth capturing again).

Mental emptying

This is not so fun. You know how you can hold an expired can of tuna and the rancid smell is very off putting, and you just know “I don’t want to eat that, let me throw it away”..? And you just throw it away easily and find something better to eat?

Well.. we could do this with behaviours and the millions of rotten things in our mind that we have filled our bags with, but that will require some brutal introspection and who wants to do that? pffft…

We all run away from it, but frankly emptying our minds and our spirits of the harmful thoughts and behaviours that we have made room for is the stepping stone to living a balanced and fulfilled life, this week, next week, next month.

One of the easiest and least brutal way to empty your mind of the extra clutter you’ve saved up from yourself and others, is journalling. That moment daily, weekly, monthly where you dedicate time to revisit the thoughts, the comments that someone made at work, that statement your partner made in passing that made you feel some type of way- that moment is one where you become aware of the negative self talk, the negative habits that have been making those bad days extend longer. Writing down everything and every experience helps you visually see the mess that is your mind. This visualisation helps you better discern what is and isn’t serving you. You get to choose what to let go of.. maybe it is a survival habit or talk that has served its purpose but will hold you back from living life fully moving on. And with a written visualisation of your mind, you can can choose what need to go back into the bag because it is valuable and needed for the next journey in your life.

We mark the validity of our life experiences through milestones like birthdays, engagements, marriage and accomplishments. In reality, every single day of mundane and repetitive activities of our lives is valid. And we deserve to go in to every day with our bags only carrying the best things we need and we can give. Make it a habit to check in with yourself and look through your bag for little things that might need to be thrown out, before they become rotten and are harder to get rid of. Even you would not like walking around with that stench.



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